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BINGO - he's most probably a mixed breed, I just don't know what. I wish he's a welsh corgi mix :)

BINGO – he’s most probably a mixed breed, I just don’t know what. I wish he’s a welsh corgi mix 🙂

I’m trying hard not to get too attached to this adorable puppy…and it is DIFFICULT!

Last time I wrote about our neighbor who  ‘abandons’ his dogs – he is still doing it until now. When he picked up Fiona, the shi tzu, he had a small puppy in a box. He asked my dad to take care of it, just for the night and he will pick it up the next morning. And the puppy has been with us for more than 2 weeks now, imagine that!

How can you not fall for this cuteness?! We named him BINGO, yup…from the nursery song  Bingo because it’s my son’s one and only favorite song. I know, naming the pup will just get us more attached, but I’m actually wishing / praying that our neighbor would just disappear in the face of this earth and leave the dog to us. Besides, if this pup is back with him, he’ll suffer the same fate as Fiona and George – to be neglected.

As of the moment, he’s in a puppy cage. He’s too small to handle the rough play our three other older dogs do. And even though he got a ‘lick bath’ from Max (our four year old rottweiler) Bingo’s still scared of him. I’d be scared of Max too if I’m as small as Bingo and Max approaches me, hehehe!

I’m wishing that this pup is a pembroke welsh corgie…yup, that’s one of the breeds I wanted to have, but it’s a rare breed here and even if there are breeders a pup is too expensive for me. I have no idea what breed this pup is…our neighbor doesn’t know either, he doesn’t even know how many months old the puppy is, nor does he know what kind of food the pup eats…it’s another round of guessing game again.

Anyway, his name is Bingo and he’s a little furball of puppy love!



When Pom-pom was still a puppy, taken 2 years ago. He’s my Pomeranian spitz.

Sure, you saw that cute, little furry thing on TV, or one of your friends has a big, friendly, giant dog breed and you imagine yourself buying one. That’s the easiest part; but have you thought of other more important things to consider when getting a dog / puppy?

 If you want a dog, ask yourself this question: are you ready, really ready to take care of a puppy? Puppies are like babies. They need attention – lots of it. They can have accidents around the house and will chew anything they can get their sharp canines on. You need to have the commitment to be able to train them (housebreaking) and yelling doesn’t help much.

 Cost of dog ownership – spending money in buying a puppy doesn’t end there. You also have to think of vet care; puppy vaccines, booster shots, anti rabies shots, neutering or spaying, etc. The dog food – puppy food cost more than adult dog foods. Planning to get a big breed? They have BIG appetites too. What about chew toys? What about grooming? If you plan to have a dog breed with fur that continuously grows, be prepared to have funds for the pet groomers!

 Consider other people / pets in the household – Do you have children in the house? Do you have other people with fur allergies living with you? Do you have other pets, let’s say a cat? There are certain dog breeds that do not tolerate children, some are good with them. Some dog breeds have hypoallergenic fur, which is fairly safe for people with fur allergies. I had a cat before my dad brought home a four month old Dalmatian – they hated each other at first, then they learned to ignore each other after a few years. They have learned to mind their own business. I’m not saying that this will eventually happen if you have a cat and suddenly brought home a puppy, but be sure to consider everyone else living in your house before buying a puppy.

 Research about the breed – not researching about the breed firsthand often results in regret in the end. I know someone who bought a Chow-chow, Japanese spitz cross breed and later spilled all the things she didn’t like about her dog. She said she didn’t expect the dog to grow big like that (yes, her dog grew up almost as big as a Chow-chow) and that she didn’t think it would be ‘that’ aggressive. Hello! With a Chow’s temperament and a Spitz’s character, what were you expecting?! That’s two personalities in one dog!

 Size of dog – if you’ve got a small space, let’s say you’re renting an apartment then don’t get a Great Dane or an Irish wolfhound! These dogs need all the space they can get to run around. Also, the bigger the dog, the more it will eat – another thing to consider.

 Activity / energy level – Some dogs have high energy levels and they need to use / release that energy or else you might end up with dog problems such as excessive barking. If you’re the type who loves outdoors then it’s okay for you to get a an active breed of dog that you can take running, jogging and hiking.

 Temperament – dogs are like humans, some have short fuse, aggressive and some just really, really have long patience with anything and everything. If you plan to take care of a dog for the first time, it’s better to get a dog that’s on the ‘mellow’ side – ones that have agreeable temperament and not the ones who assert their way and take over as the leader of the pack. Remember, if you plan to get a dog, you will be the pack leader, not the other way around.

 Physical maintenance / grooming – Are you ready for the cost of taking your dog to the groomers? Or if you are feeling adventurous, are you brave enough to do the styling on your pet? Trim its nails? Clean its ears? All those will definitely take a lot of energy, time, effort and commitment.

 Pure breed or cross bred dogs – Pure breds are more famous than cross bred dogs, but they say a pure bred has more health problems than cross bred ones. I have two Pomeranian spitz’s and they turned out fine – intelligent like a Pom and loyal like a Spitz.

 Where to get your dog? – Personally, I prefer my vet’s referrals when I want to buy a puppy or close friends whose dogs are healthy. I don’t buy from pet shops or online ads, because honestly, I don’t have any idea if the parents of the puppy they’re selling are top of the line and without genetic problems. How can I be sure that they are not doing ‘inbreeding’ with their dogs?

 I always think that dogs are like humans too. They need the same amount of care we do, the only difference is that dogs live shorter and well, obviously, they can’t talk. So again, consider some of the pointers I wrote before getting a dog. If you have other things to add, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments. I will gladly appreciate it.


Yeah, they’re a cross between a Pomeranian and a Japanese spitz, but I couldn’t care less. Pom-pom (the bigger one, male) and Chibi (female) are just two of  the four dogs I own. They both know a few commands. This time, I asked them to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ before I gave them a treat.

“We look good together, don’t we?”

Eagerly waiting for me to give them their favorite treat 🙂

Well behaved Pomeranian spitz’s. They sit and stay for as long as I want to.

Stay…training them myself really pays off.

World’s Most Expensive Dog

This is the world’s most expensive dog, a 180lb, 11-month old, rare, red Tibetan Mastiff named Hong Dong (Big Splash in English) purchased by a coal industrialist in China for a whopping $1.5M! This breed is thought to be among the oldest in the world.

How’d you get so expensive?

Okay, so I guess the ‘desire’ to have this dog breed is OUT of the question. This is also a rare breed here and sadly, not everyone is familiar with it. I checked online (there are really a few) if there are any for sale here and the highest price I found was for P295,000 (around $7,024)  – a  female, rare ‘golden red’ color Tibetan Mastiff. The other prices? They don’t go below P150,000 (around $3572). All the sellers claim the dogs were imported from China. Even so, I am not willing to spend that big amount of money even if I do have it.

Just imagine – $1.5M could have been used to save other dogs in need; those in shelters and especially the ones in the puppy mills.


Yesterday, my mother pointed out a very peculiar spider in her garden. She called my attention repeatedly so I had no choice but to look at it for a mere second before I cringed and walked as fast as I can inside the house.  It was a spider I’ve never seen before; it was colorful, with a green body and yellow markings on its abdomen, as well as yellow bands on its legs.  It’s position on its web is just like a letter ‘X’ and looked like it only had four legs and it had a unique web too.

Today, my husband took a picture of it and we decided to identify what kind of spider it was with the help of the internet, we needed to make sure if it was poisonous or not.  If we’re correct, this is a specie of a St. Andrews cross spider, from the genus Argiope and has 76 species.

If anyone knows what particular specie of St. Andrews cross spider this is, please do comment and share your knowledge, it will really be appreciated.

St. Andrews cross spider


Another shot – notice the zigzag lines made on the web? A very unique webbing for this spider…


No, I did NOT take these pictures – my husband did

Yes, I am scared – terrified of spiders. It took a lot for me to look at these pictures and write about it.  I had to keep telling myself that this is just a picture and not the real thing…


I say there would have been many things they’d tell us.

We’ve had so many dogs of different breeds since I was a kid, and I always imagined what their voice would sound like if they can talk. I’m now suddenly reminded of Disney’s movie UP, where the dogs had this device attached to their collar that can let them talk. How I wish someone can invent that in real life 😀

Then I saw this photo…it just gets me every time I read this, especially number ten.


It’s been six months since Nogi came to us as a flea infested pup. Well, he’s grown bigger now, even his ears are up and now we call him ‘Batdog’ – his ears are just too big for his head! I am glad to say that all the fleas are gone, and he’s got a shiny coat now (even after developing mange and losing his fur because of excessive scratching) and the neighbors are even surprised he’s all healthy now. I had the vet check him up, gave him shots for the mange, I bought anti-flea shampoo and powder and even bought ‘IN-DIET’, a food supplement (brand) for dogs that eliminate breath stink and improves their fur quality. We give our four dogs this food supplement every day.

I don’t think Nogi will grow any bigger though. If our guess is right (we all think Nogi’s a native dog breed and nothing more; unlike what our neighbor said that Nogi’s a beagle breed) and I think we all are, then he’s not going to be doing a lot of growing anymore.

He is Max’s new toy now. Yeah, now that I need to buy Max another ball – he lost his favorite green ball in a very grassy area at the vacant lot near our house while he was chasing a cat (who held on for dear life on a middle of a tree while Max could only look up in frustration), Max dropped the ball somewhere and forgot all about it when I called him back. So now, Nogi is Max’s new toy. Max, the ever gentle giant, would play with Nogi with a lot of patience. It would look like Max is somewhat tearing Nogi’s head away from its body but it’s all play!

The video below was taken last January 21 of this year, Max had never hurt Nogi while they are playing.

Nogi loves attention (just like any other dog, right?) and when you approach him, his ears would go sideways, his tail would wag like there’s no tomorrow and he’ll almost lie down on the ground (just like melting) as soon as you touch him. But do NOT ever approach him when he’s eating – this is the only time when he doesn’t want attention from anyone else. All our three dogs, Max, Pom and Chibi, we can approach them while they’re eating, pet them on the head and even put out hand in their food bowl and they wouldn’t complain. Nogi is a different story; he loves his food and nothing will and can get him to stop eating once his bowl is set down and he starts eating– he will growl and growl until you leave him alone. This trait of his reminds me of Antonne, our Dalmatian who passed away last year due to old age.

Other than that, Nogi is just another sweet dog who loves attention, food, loves to run and play and be Max’s toy

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