Did this in a rush...

Did this in a rush…

Really, who has the ‘time’ to put nail polish when you have a 7 month old baby boy? Everything you do, from eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner) tidying up the house, going to the bathroom…yeah, I now drink my coffee like water but it never seemed enough to perk me up in the morning. I never had a normal sleep ever since I gave birth.

But enough about that, I’m not complaining; I just want to point out that when you have a baby, you learn to do everything in a rush but with precision; and multitasking is a MUST! Like what I did here – I finally got to put on nail polish (again, in a rush) while my baby slept. I got my nails done in 20 minutes, tops. Believe me, you don’t want a wet nail polish on your nails and your baby wakes up, hehe!

I used local brands here, I only used two nail polish, Frosted White for the French tip and glitter nail polish with a pinkish shade. Uh, sorry…no base coat – in a hurry, remember?

To quickly do the French tip, I used tape. Yes, tape. I simply placed it below the white part of my nails and began putting on the frosted white nail polish. After that, when the nail polish is semi-dry, I carefully removed the tape. Then I put on the glitter nail polish. Hmm, no top coat either, but the glitter nail polish does the job of looking like my nails has a top coat, right? I’m not expecting the nail polish to last long, after all, doing housework can simply shorten the life of the nail polish. At least I have pretty nails to show off even for a short time.