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Wattys 2014

Hellooooooooo! I know I haven’t written anything here for the last year or so…I lost count. Becoming a mom does that to you.  Oh well…anyway, I’ve been busy this past few weeks writing. I discovered Wattpad and decided to participate in Wattys 2014…I know it’s a long shot to win an award; I don’t have a lot of friends who read. So I’m hoping if you guys can help me out and read, vote and comment on my novel, I’d really appreciate it. Oh, and sharing it with your other friends too!

This is where you can find my novel, entitled Heart’s Tempo.

Please remember, read, vote and comment. I’m still editing it so if you find any errors, inconsistencies etc, please do tell me.

The cover for my ebook entry to wattys 2014

The cover for my ebook entry to wattys 2014



Yes, I won. Isn't this proof enough? 😀

Nanowrimo or National Novel Writing Month. A month ago I was still hesitant to join, thinking that I might not be able to finish on time ( as the rule calls for 50k words or more in 30 days) but, I guess I’m motivated enough; because last November 21, I managed to finish my novel at 67k+ words!

Today, I submitted my novel entitled Heart’s Tempo and voila, I won! 😀 First time to join and win!

Joining Nanowrimo has been a fun experience for me. It pushed me to finish a novel that I started ( I do have some stories here that remained unfinished because of lack of motivation and well, real life calling) Although the only part that I seem to raise an eyebrow at is my mentor who suddenly went MIA. Yeah, real life probably never let her go as her word count remained the same for the past two weeks.

Anyway, I’m definitely joining Nanowrimo again next year. It’s one fun experience for me, as I get to do something that I love – writing!

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