A very tasty yet simple Korean dish

A very tasty yet simple Korean dish

Know how to fry scrambled eggs? Like seaweed (the black, paper thin wrap used in maki)? Then this simple Korean recipe might just be the perfect dish to get you to start cooking Korean food.

          It’s called 김계란 말이  (Kimgyeran mari) or rolled eggs and seaweed.  All you would need are oil, 2 eggs, salt and pepper to taste and seaweed or laver. It’s just like frying scrambled eggs but this time you have to add the seaweed and roll the egg instead of turning it over, oh and cook it in low flame. Before rolling the egg, you have to make sure the other side is cooked enough so it will not break.

          This can be cooked in a non-stick pan, but I still wiped a bit of cooking oil before I started frying the egg.

Recipe from Aeriskitchen from Youtube. (I only added the salt and pepper, (my version). Video down below.