These are the words I got when I googled UV – UV express, UV rays, UV express UV franchise, UV express routes. What?! I had to type in ‘UV Korean singers.’ Yes, I am talking about UV, the two man band composed of South Korean comedian Yoo Se Yoon and High Syde’s Muzi.

They are not COOL, but POPULAR!

UV means ‘two married men’. Nope, there is no k-pop style to expect from them – from the looks to the music, it’s all their own style which made them unique and popular. This group deviated from the usual ‘cool’ style of the boybands (it wouldn’t fit them anyway) and chose to sing songs that reminded me of the 80’s and the 90’s. They released their first single “No Cool, I’m Sorry” last year. The MV is pretty hilarious and is reminiscent of those 90’s music videos. The video is available below.

Currently, they have a show on TvN called UV Syndrome, which unravels UV’s history – How UV began and where they came from. This is not a boring show; it’s a comedic take on each episode, with people trying to discover the truth about UV and how they had existed for more than a thousand years.

Itaewon Freedom – is one of UV’s songs that I liked, because (again) it reminded me of the 80’s (yes, I’m an 80’s kid, if you’ve been wondering) and because JYP is there, and because the MV is funny and simply BECAUSE it’s UV! Honestly, the first time I saw the video, I only recognized JYP, but then the music itself caught on to me like a gum that’s stuck to a shoe. I thought UV was JYP’s back up but they were the lead singers in the video, hehe! Oh yeah, and they had to censor JYP’s crotch when he did that hip thrust,  hahahaha! Like they say, the music is addicting. Below is the music video for Itaewon Freedom, enjoy!

In conclusion – UV is weird and funny but in an addicting way, that’s what sets them apart from all those k-pop boy bands. UV doesn’t look cool, but the hell they care. They’re just here to make music and like what Yoo Se Yoon said when he was asked ‘what more can the fans expect from them?’ He said, “…don’t expect anything from us, we’re just doing this, not for the fans, but for ourselves. If we want to disappear one day, we will. Fans, please don’t wait for us.”  Seriously, you will never hear an idol saying those words to their fans. But UV did, because they are UV. They are UNIQUE.