There’s a 50% off on all heeled shoes at this certain online shop, as well as a ‘sale’ on my favorite scent of Bath & Body works lotion – warm vanilla sugar. Now I’m so tempted to buy something online…

Heels…I’ve always thought they were pretty…no, I always thought they always look good on any feet, partnered with a set fabulous gams. I always imagined myself wearing one, not that I haven’t worn one at all. Every woman, at least once in her life will get to wear high heels whether they like it or not. In my case, I had no choice. I had to wear a red, strapped, five inch heels for hours for just that one night – yes, it was a beauty contest and I had no choice but to wear those killer heels.

First off, I’m not used to wearing five inch heels. The ‘highest’ heels I’ve worn was 3.5 inches and I get a bit uncomfortable wearing those. So how about the five inch heels? I had to practice walking in them. That was not the problem. Learning how to walk in those high heels was a piece of cake but enduring the pressure it had on my foot was pure torture. When I finally took off the shoes, two of my toes were numb – for a week!

So now, I can only look at those pretty high heeled shoes on sale for 50% off. I can’t wear them anyway, I would prefer wearing flats, as always; and especially now that I have a 3 month old baby. Really, it’s not advisable to wear heels when you go on a trip with a baby. Plus, wearing heels can be dangerous too! It can affect your natural posture and your spine, your feet can develop pain and nerve problems and are at risk of becoming deformed by conditions such as bunions and hammer toes, and then there’s the risk of accident / injury. Even the expert ‘walkers’ can fall on their side and sprain their foot or twist their ankle…ouch!

 (My first post for the first month of the year…I wonder if I can keep this up, with a baby to take care of? I’ll try my best. After all, writing is my first love.)