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I love the song, I love the beat, I love the dance, I love everything about the video! Why? Because everything sort of reminds me of the 80’s…(although the dance isn’t exactly from the 80’s – it’s more of a mix from different decades) especially the rotary phone, haha!  Because it’s in Japanese and because it’s Eunhyuk and Dong Hae from Super Junior!

So here’s the video, Enjoy!



I only accidentally listened to this , as the internet connection was slow again, I told myself what the heck and pressed the play button on one of the k-pop websites. I stopped listening to k-pop after lots of kpop group started ‘popping’ here and there. But I still like Super Junior, haha!

Not really a fan of Sistar, but I particularly liked this song, maybe because of the strings playing in the background…kind of reminds me of Larusso’s On Ne S’aimera Plus Jamais, or maybe that’s just me.

Great song, catchy beat (simple lyrics though) but the video – blah! They could have done better.


yesung6Okay, so Yesung has finally began his two year mandatory military service, I wonder who’s next in Super Junior?


Tekken: Blood Vengeance (2011) much better than the 2010 live action crap - I mean film

I am not a Tekken fan.  Sure, I played the game before – not sure which Tekken that was though, but I really wasn’t into it, unlike Soul Calibur. But I watched the movie…no, not the 2010 crap. I meant the 2011 CGI movie, Tekken: Blood Vengeance.

Initial reaction at the start of the movie – confusion. I have zero knowledge with Tekken history. I know a few of the character’s names, but that’s it. The movie began with Anna and Nina starting off in a fight. First, I was thinking, who could be the protagonist and the antagonist.  As it turns out, they’re both antagonists; with Anna working for Kazuya Mishima and Nina working for Jin Kazama. Both Jin and Kazuya wanted the same thing, or in this case, person, in the name of Shin Kamiya. Anna sends Ling Xiaoyu to spy on Shin Kamiya while Nina sends Alisa Bosconovitch to do the same thing.

Ling Xiaoyu in her plain school uniform, Alisa Bosconovitch reminds me of some anime character, Anna WIlliams - no comment and Nina WIlliams; Baroness from G.I. Joe, The Rise of Cobra, anyone?

To begin with, I’m only familiar with Jin Kazama and that he’s somewhat related to Heihachi Mishima and that Jin wants to kill Heihachi. Well, this is still true in this movie. I was in for a surprise (and even more confusion) after Xiaoyu announced that Heihachi is Kazuya’s father and Jin is Kazuya’s son.  Ok, I immediately hit the pause and rewind button. Three generations in Tekken universe, fighting against each other? Aside from that, they were going after the same person. Why?

Jin Kazama and Devil Jin - it's like a GF from Final Fantasy

It was a one on one on one fight towards the end of the movie. It’s father versus son versus grandfather (they just want to kill each other, simple as that…with Kazuya transforming into Devil (if that is what it’s simply called) as well as Jin. Alright…another wave of confusion. With Heihachi temporarily out of the way, the two Devils duke it out – I just don’t know who’s who now, with both Jin and Kazuma looking like, well, demons complete with wings and tail…

And then just when you thought Heihachi is dead, he awakens the spirit of Mokujin, creating a giant made up of thousands if not millions of Mokujins, and destroying Kyoto Castle in the process, while fighthing Devil Jin. I guess now I have to say that Alisa saves the day – yeah, a humanoid robot that looks like a japanese pop idol saved the day.

Yeah, I think I need to watch this movie again, but first, I think I need to brush up on Tekken history. At least, in the movie, Xiaoyu and Alisa become good friends.

I want this giant panda, simply named 'Panda'

So now, someone get me Xiaoyu’s Panda! It’s so big and cute and cuddly! It runs fast too! 😀


…it’s just the title of the song, but Baek Ji-young, her voice and the song itself is not ordinary. The music video would have been ordinary or average – with just a woman running away from something or someone, but since Oh Ji-ho is there, he changes things.

Sometimes, you don’t really have to understand the lyrics of a certain song. The moment you hear the singer’s voice and the melody, you just know you’d be singing along with it that whole day!

It’s a sad song of regret, of finding the wrong person…well, great love songs are written with a broken heart.

Below is the MV for the song, as well as the live version and the Romanized lyrics as well as the English translation.  BTW, botong means ordinary in english ;D

Botong namjareu manna botong sarangeul hago
Botong gateun jibeseo botong gateun aiwa
Botong mankkeumman apeugo
Botong mankkeumman gippeugo
Haengbokhal ttaedo bulhaenghal ttaedo
Botong cheoreomman na salgo shipeonneunde

Eojjeodaga hapil teukbyeolhi nappeun
Nappeun neoreul mannaseo
Namdeul cheoreom botong mankkeumdo
Sarang badjido mothago

Gyeote isseul ttaedo honja gataseo
Nunmul mareuneun nal eopge hadeoni
Tteonan dwiedo wae ireohke gwerobhyeo
Botong mando mothan saram

Mweo eoryeoun georago botong saranghaneunge
Botong yeojadeul cheoreom sarang badgo saneunge
Naeri jugo tto deo jweodo
Geumankkeum deo meoreojineun
Teukbyeolhan mankkeum teukbyeolhan gab haneun
Neo gateun saram weonhan jeok eopseonneunde

Eojjeodaga hapil teukbyeolhi nappeun
Nappeun neoreul mannaseo
Namdeul cheoreom botong mankkeumdo
Sarang badjido mothago

Gyeote isseul ttaedo honja gataseo
Nunmul mareuneun nal eopge hadeoni
Tteonan dwiedo wae ireohke gwerobhyeo
Botong mando mothan saram

Ireohke apeunge botongil georago
Namdeuldo na cheoreom ttokgachi apeul georago
Naman teukbyeolhalli eoptago mideoboryeo haedo
Ireohke apeunge eotteohke botongil su isseo~

Botong imyeon jeongmal chungbonhadago
Botong manhae dallago
Namdeul cheoreom botong mankkeumman
Saranghae jumyeon dwendago

Geuge mweoga geuri eoryeoun geonji
Maennal nae gaseum da jjijeonohteoni
Tteonan dwiedo wae ireohke gwerobhyeo
Botong mando mothan saram

And this is the english translation:

I meet an ordinary man and we share an ordinary love
In the ordinary house with the ordinary child
Only ordinary amount of happiness
Only ordinary amount of pain
I only wanted to live happily an ordinary amount and unhappily an ordinary amount

How did end up meeting an exceptionally bad you
I couldn’t even receive the ordinary amount of love that others receive

Because I felt alone even when I was by your side
There wasn’t a single day when the tears stopped falling
Even after you leave why do you keep tormenting me you can’t even be an ordinary person

It’s not hard to love an ordinary amount
Living like those ordinary women who receive love
I give continuously and give more but it gets further away
The more special it is the more special of a price I have to pay
I never wanted someone like you

Hurting like this is probably ordinary
Others probably hurt just as much as me
You tell me to trust that I’m not the only exception
How can this much pain be ordinary

If it’s ordinary it’s really enough just treat me well an ordinary amount
Just love me an ordinary amount like other people

How can that be so difficult
You shredded my heart every day
Even after you leave why do you keep tormenting me you can’t even be an ordinary person


Don't do it, Lee Joon!

I love the video, i love the music, i love MBLAQ!  Although the video reminds me a lot of Angelina Jolie’s movie ‘WANTED’.  You’ll know why if you watch the video. Lee Joon, why?! No, that can’t be!!!  Alright, I’ll stop now. Enjoy the video!





Wow! I didn’t know she looked so cute and innocent!

Every time I hear the name Hyun-a, I remember her song Bubble Pop, the music video and how she imitated (kind of) Beyonce. The song itself is catchy but like almost everyone, I still say that the the video, especially the dance (her solo dance) is waaaaaay off! For me, I think she looked better when she was not channeling the sexy image, just look at the picture below:

cute / innocent or sexy / slutty?

But hey, if being sexy is what gets her more fans, I have nothing against it – I’m just not one of the fans, but not one of the haters either.

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