I like to write/blog about things that randomly pop inside my head. Not my first time to blog.I  have four dogs, a rottweiler named Max and a pomeranian spitz named Pom-pom – I train him myself, Chibi, a 5 month old Pomeranian spitz as well and Nogi-nogi, a dog of unknown breed.  I love baking, i love singing, playing the piano (I’m getting rusty now, though) drawing, sketching, and anime. Last thing, I’m a frustrated photographer.

If you want to read about random thoughts, rants, click on “A Day in the Life of…”

If you want to read about my dogs and see some of their videos as well, click on “A Dog(s) Diary”

If you’re a k-pop and a K-drama fan, check out “K-pop & K-drama (and some Japanese stuff on the side)”

If you’re a foodie, read my blogs about “Food” – photos are also included here, some are the Korean and Japanese food I learned to cook (fancy desserts and local restaurants also featured here)

If you think you’re harrased by credit card  collectors, think again. Not much article written here yet, but if you have time, check out “My Life as a Credit Card Collector…”