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Wow! I didn’t know she looked so cute and innocent!

Every time I hear the name Hyun-a, I remember her song Bubble Pop, the music video and how she imitated (kind of) Beyonce. The song itself is catchy but like almost everyone, I still say that the the video, especially the dance (her solo dance) is waaaaaay off! For me, I think she looked better when she was not channeling the sexy image, just look at the picture below:

cute / innocent or sexy / slutty?

But hey, if being sexy is what gets her more fans, I have nothing against it – I’m just not one of the fans, but not one of the haters either.



Is a 24 member girl group from…drumroll please! Hey, what do you know, they’re from Korea! I know what you’re saying – 24?! TWENTY-FOUR?! More than SNSD? More than Super Junior? What they hell were they thinking?!

Yeah, I had the same reaction like you did. I think I’ve read / heard every negative reaction / comment this group can get; because seriously, 24 girls in a group?! How will a ‘fan to be’ even remember their names? What about their introduction? That will probably take five to 8 minutes, maybe more. And how will you stand out to get someone’s attention when performing on stage when there are 24 of you in the group, basically in the same costume, holding microphones, performing the same dance steps and…yeah, it’s going to be confusing.

What was TGN thinking here? It was bad enough that I still do NOT know all the SNSD’s member’s names, often confusing them with other girl groups (yes, I’m not a fan but I don’t hate them) I just thought that if I had (or other people) had difficulty remembering names because they are nine in the group, how about twenty-four? According to TGN, the twenty-four member group will be divided into sub units, but I really don’t care right now >_<


Ms. Chibi

…is what Chibi would have said whenever we take notice on how slooooooooow she eats.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I have four dogs; Max, the almost three year old Rottweiler, Pom-pom, the almost two year old Pomeranian spitz (who knows a lot of tricks by the way) and Nogi-nogi, the youngest of the pack – I really don’t know his exact age because he was only given to us by our neighbor who had no idea how old Nogi is as well, but he is still a puppy and Chibi, of course.

Chibi is around seven months old now. She is also a Pomeranian spitz like Pom-pom but she has a darker shade of brown – red Pomeranian fur to be exact. She is smaller than Pom-pom and the vet said she wouldn’t be growing much anymore, because female dogs tend to be smaller than male dogs. The name Chibi is a japanese word which means ‘small’ – so the name fits her perfectly. Like all Pomeranian, Chibi went through the puppy uglies stage; you really wouldn’t think she’s a Pomeranian with the way she looked like before. Anyway, like I said with my opening sentence, Chibi eats very slow. My other three dogs have finished their meals, taken their walks, played with each other but Chibi is still eating, barely finishing half of her food in the bowl.

Yeah, “I’m a lady” is just a human’s / my excuse for Chibi’s food picking. She’s a picky eater. She eats the meats first, then the dog food and lastly the rice, and that takes her three hours – more or less. She doesn’t like foods that are hard. They say Chibi’s just like me; no, I’m NOT picky with my food, I just eat slow. I’m usually the last one to finish. What can I say, I’m just enjoying the food! As for Chibi, I’d like to think that she’s using the ‘I’m a lady’ excuse since she’s the only female dog I have (the third one since I was in high school) and the rest are all males (for some reason, we prefer male dogs over female dogs).

She eats slowly, she eats with finesse, she eats like a lady – she’s Chibi!

Happy Chibi

All smiles and happy because she got a big piece of treat 😀

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