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IT’S PURE TORTURE!!! (from Friendster blog, 2008)

This one was written August 8, 2008 – when these cute but ‘horrible’ headbands were a rampage to all girls of different sizes and age…





okay, so now i know where people get this wacky idea to wear headbands with that outrageously big bow (sometimes with shocking colors to boot…sigh), i would have to say this is all blair waldorf’s (Gossip Girl) fault! i have to admit, it looks cute on her but not everyone can get away with wearing those headbands! sheeeeesh!

       I’ve already lost my will to notice other people’s fashion sense a loooong time ago, or maybe it just went to a minimum now…but just 2 weeks ago there was this girl in the office who REALLY got my attention with her headbands. As i said in the beginning, it has BIG BOWS! Alright, the headband looked cute by itself, but when she wore it with that side swept bangs (exactly like blair waldorf) it was like ‘EEEEEEEEWWWW!’ I really can’t help but notice her, ‘coz she was a big girl, and looked nerdy to me…OMG, and i am not the only one who noticed this…this fashion tragedy, other people are calling her names now. I think she’s got all the colors and she matches it with whatever shirt color she’s wearing for the day…(I’m guessing she even has 5 designs for each color…imagine that…) and i don’t think she has real friends. you know why? because a real friend will tell her that she looked like a disaster wearing that big bow headband, and only 1st graders can pull that off!  if i were her friend, i’ll personally snatch the headband from her head!

       all i can say is, NOT EVERYONE CAN WEAR THOSE KIND OF HEADBANDS. yeah, it’s cute i must say but you have to know when you’ll become a fashion icon or a disaster when you try to go with the trend.




MY FAVORITE BOOKS BY STEPHEN KING (from Friendster blog, 2008)

I wrote this blog October 5, 2008 on Friendster blog.


So who would have thought that after making a vow that I shallnever again buy a book written by Stephen King (I said that after I finished reading ‘Bag of Bones’ which is also written by Stephen King) I’d be buying three of his books, again! One after the other, I just devoured it, in the sense that even if I’m working in the office I’d be reading it and I’d be so absorbed, that I was actually able to finish it in less than two weeks!

I guess I would have to give credits to the show Friends for making me read King’s books again. There was this one episode where Rachel was so scared of the movie scene where Cujo was attacking someone…ok, so I thought i could get a vcd or a dvd copy of that, turns out its an old film so I settled for the book, having no idea it was written by you know who. And so I broke my vow to satisfy my curiosity, again. And again, I did not find it so scary, nothing supernatural going on, just a rabid St. Bernard on a rampage…

With my vow broken, I bought my third Stephen King book which was The Shining. The truth is, I would never consider buying the book if not for that particular episode in Friends where Joey hid his copy in the freezer because he was scared of what might happen to the characters. I didn’t go as far as hiding the book somewhere inside the house or in my locker at the office with the intention to forget that it was actually there; it was not that scary for me but it still got my attention though. An evil hotel trying to possess the kid, the dad. That thing in room 217…the topiary…the ballroom, the elevator…if you’ve read this book, you would understand what I’m saying here. I don’t wanna give out any kind of info here for those who are interested in reading this.

okay, so on to the fourth book, Pet Sematary…now this one – creepy! The Micmac burial grounds…Wendigo…zombie pets, especially if you can imagine Church staring stupidly at you, like you’d never know if he’s going to scratch your eyes out or go berserk…Gage killing Jud with his father’s scalpel, and his mother as well…oh, but that’s not the scariest part for me! It’s the part where Louis was bringing Gage’s dead body to the burial grounds and he has to pass that swamp. There was the fog, and then that maniacal laugh goes on in the background and suddenly out of the fog there was a monstrous head with a long tongue and…it just scared the hell out of me! So that’s when I realized, I’m beginning to like King’s books! :)
Right now, I’m reading Firestarter. I’m just halfway through it – now, this one, I was actually able to watch the movie when i was about 6 or 7 years old, I think. To my surprise, the kid who played Charlie Mcgee was Drew Barrymore! I just found that out last week…

After this, I’ll be reading The Tommyknockers…we’ll just have to see if this creeps me out again.

I’m being a little vague here describing some scenes in the book, why don’t you just buy one or if you’re just too lazy or you don’t have the time to read, just google it. wikipedia will help a lot.

May 31, 2011

The book Tommyknockers did not make an appeal to me that much, I got a little bored with it actually >_<

After almost three years, here’s what I already have in my collection:

Four Past Midnight

Rose Madder

The Dead Zone


The Dark Half



Needful Things

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

I only shop for books at second hand bookstores – hey, I get half the price there, but books are still in good condition. For some reason I stopped shopping for Stephen King’s books, I got other things in mind.


Yes, I finished the game ten times now.

More than ten years ago I encountered Parasite Eve I and II on Playstation. During that time my brother and I were in a struggle to finish the game. For some reason, we grew tired of it, being unable to beat bosses (yeah, we kind of sucked during those years) but it’s a different ball game now.

Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday

A few months ago I was introduced to Parasite Eve, 3rd Birthday – a spin-off of the game in Playstation. Like I said, I finished the game for the 10th time and I’ve unlocked the third cheat, unlimited ammo.

The main character of the game is still Aya Brea. She is now a member of CTI (Counter Twisted Investigation). Unlike the first two games, her character seemed to have memory loss – she is unable to recall parts of her life before she was a member of the CTI. In this game, there is a new ability called OVERDIVE, where Aya can switch bodies with NPC’s (Non playable characters). Just a warning though, there will be short clips where Aya is shown in a wedding dress, getting married. Intriguing right? But just look at this:

A bloody wedding...

This is a tactical shooting game – hit the R1 button and its target locked on. Sounds easy? At the beginning of the game, yes. But as the game progresses, it can be quite frustrating. There are lots of giant twisted attacking you from all directions and you just don’t know where to position yourself (that’s what happened to me the first time I played, hehe!) Like the other games, you can choose from several weapons available for free (at the start of the game) and ones that are purchased with your accumulated BP points (earned while fighting the Twisted(s). There are several types of weapons to choose from, from handguns, to assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and launchers. My favorite weapon? The SATELLITE CANNON – too bad it’s not available for purchase.

The TWISTED – these are the ‘monsters’ in the game. There are several kinds of them; the Helix, Slackers, Wads, Stinkers, Snatchers, Rollers, Rovers, Detectors, Mudflaps, Beans, Worms, High Ones, Reapers, they all make the characters life miserable. Guess where they came from? From Aya. I’ll explain that later. Since I haven’t found any site that has listings of the Twisted, I’ll describe them all here.

Slacker – is an incomplete Twisted. Robbed of its consciousness, its body somehow blighted during metamorphosis, it was unable to complete its transformation. Its attacks are simple and consist only of charging forward. However, they often appear in swarms, and it’s dangerous to underestimate the power they hold in numbers.

Wad – a Twisted that expands and contracts as it attacks, its physical changes indicating its battle stance. While contracted, it becomes sharp as a blade and fast as a whip. While expanded, it floats along like a balloon, firing projectiles.

Stinker – A Twisted that attacks its enemy in swarms surrounding a so-called Head Stinker. This ‘queen bee’ serves as the brains and heart of the swarm, both issuing commands and sustaining the life of its Stinker drones. When the head Stinker is attacked, it uses its stealth capabilities to camouflage itself.

Snatcher – Dangles from the ceiling and searches for intruders. Upon finding one, it drops down and begins pursuit. It’s an extremely keen hunter and fighter, launching its first attacks immediately after sensing a foe and relentlessly continuing its barrage until it captures its prey.

Bean – Uses a high intensity bombardment attack. If approached head on, be prepared to face an unavoidable assault of concentrated fire power. Make use of obstacles to secure a possible line of defense, then go straight for the jugular – or just use a high-power, continuous fire weapon, like the T480C.

Roller – attempts to enter close range combat as soon as it appears. It narrows any wider gaps by twisting its body and using the recoil to propel itself forward like a spring.

Rover – works with and controls a type of Twisted known as Detector. It uses a search light to trap and fire at enemies. If caught in its beam, your body will be frozen to the spot.

Detector – Appearing as if bubbling up from the earth, this Twisted works only in  tandem with a Rover, acting like an alarm system. It has no attack capabilities and disappears the moment it spots an enemy.

Worm – Two kinds, the Runts are the small ones and Spawns are the big ones. Runts move slow before molting, their armor like  exoskeleton makes them impervious to attacks. Fire at their mouth to start the molting process. Note that their weak spot becomes their strong spot after molting.

Mudflap – I hate this guy. It uses telekinesis to pick up enemies hiding behind obstacles and bring them in for the kill. It can transform a human into a Slacker. Its powers can affect the surrounding air currents, whipping up tornadoes to further control the intruder. This guy has two lives, you have to act fast enough to kill it twice before your character or any NPC is transformed into a Slacker.

Reaper – There is only one thing that can kill this Twisted. It has a rigid shell that nullifies all attacks. This is the most difficult Twisted to kill in the game. The laser cannon is the only weapon that can pierce its shell. It can travel through time and space and appear anywhere it wants to. Like the Mudflap, you have to kill this twice. Make sure you have a weapon with a strong fire power when fighting this the second time, because it regenerates life as soon as you stop shooting it. I recommend the T480C.

Helix – It uses many different kinds of ballistic attacks to destroy its target. Its sturdy head can easily take out any obstacle, conveniently trapping its prey right within firing range.

There were also special cases as a couple of humans in the game were turned into Twisted with their consciousness intact; like Gabrielle Monsigny, Emily Jefferson, Kyle Madigan and Hyde Bohr – all of them, the High Ones.

Game play is a lot easier compared to the first two games. Unlike the first one, 3rd Birthday has no ATB (Active Time Bar), basically, you can be a trigger happy player here. Ammunition is unlimited – just for the handgun, though. The other weapons like YS228 SWAT, T480C and the D6B2 (assault rifles) all have limited ammos, but you can find supplies along the way and at save points. All weapons are customizable with accumulated BP points. And then there’s the OE (Over Energy) – these are chips obtained while overdiving into Twisted(s). These can be installed into different DNA boards provided in the game to make Aya’s power’s stronger or weaker. There are thousands of combinations and results every time you combine an OE chip. Theirs is no definite result for each combination.

The plot is kind of confusing. In the game, Aya uses the machine Overdive System to go to the past and possess someone else’s body. After each Episode, a short clip is always shown, showing a part of Aya’s memory, in the church, during a wedding ceremony with Kyle Madigan and with the only guest, Eve. Then the police team comes along, shoots both Aya and Kyle. Every time Aya goes back to the past, she changes the future. While the game progresses other characters die. So in the end, like I said before, the Twisted came from Aya – these are parts of her soul/consciousness that were destroyed when Eve overdived into Aya’s body after the SWAT shot her and Kyle in the church. So in the game, you are playing Aya with Eve’s consciousness/soul, but without her own memory. Well, you wouldn’t be able to figure that out unless you finish the game.

Bonus treats for those who finished the game, no matter what rank you get – different costumes for Aya; well, in the game those are called protective gear. I just don’t understand how it became ‘protective’. There’s the Black leather – a black tank top with torn jeans, White Eider – just a white eiderdown jacket, Maid’s Uniform – enough said, Business Suit – a black miniskirt with a peekaboo red lingerie, also comes with glasses, Cheongsam – a blue, Chinese inspired dress, Santa Soldier – need I say more? And the Overdive Suit – a prototype overdive suit that analyzes all kinds of data while Aya is overdiving. Oh, and all these ‘protective gear’ get torn up while fighting ;P

As for now, I’ll leave the rest for you to find out who’s the main antagonist in this game ;P


Nine years ago, I was on my first job. Everyone was older than I was, so they consider me their ‘baby’. All my office mates were surprised to find out that I never had a boyfriend back then. They were all trying to set me up on blind dates and introducing me to their single guy friends, until someone gave me this advice: once you have a boyfriend, that’s when you try to change him – change how he dresses up, how he talks, how he walks, etc.

Now that got me thinking, really hard. I’m not choosing someone to change him, I’m choosing someone because I like him the way he is. For sure he will have some faults that will irritate me, but that’s part of the deal, right? That’s what I told myself. That was one advice that I trashed.

Fast forward to 2005. I had a serious boyfriend and for the first few months the relationship was going great, until the real him showed up. He started asking me to change the way I dress up. Well, this is the way I dress up at the office – a t-shirt, jeans and rubber shoes, with a small back pack. Why do I dress like that? I have a long commute from home to the office, at least an hour, if there’s no traffic. I work night shifts, the people I talk to at work has no way of seeing what I look like because I talk to them over the phone (I was a debt collector, remember?) So what’s the use of dressing formally, wearing heeled shoes (that’s only going to kill my feet) and using a purse? I don’t like people staring at me, I don’t like to stand out, I’m not the type that dresses to impress. My ex-boyfriend told me it was for my own good, that’s why he wanted me to change – I don’t see his point.

What you see is what you get. This is me, this is how I am when you met me, why are you trying to change the way I am now?

I started to see who he really was after that incident and it didn’t take long before I dumped him. It was no use staying in a relationship when being miserable is all I can feel. All I’m trying to say is, it’s all wrong to try and change someone like what my ex did. What’s the point of doing that, anyway?

‘You’ve got to love me for what I am

For simply being me

Don’t love me for what you intend

Or hope that I would be…’

Yes, that was a line from the Carpenter’s song Love Me For What I Am. Do I need to explain further?


Most people who know me, know me by my name and then some. I’ve been here in this world for almost thirty years now and now I ask myself that question. Well, here I am at three in the morning, woke up with a bad dream and could not go back to sleep, at least for the time being. Who am I, really? I guess I’ll start randomly.

I am someone who doesn’t like crowds – I’m the type who would rather sit down in one corner instead of go around and say hi’s and hello’s to people I know and do not know. I’m a bit of an anti-social.

 I am someone who will stay quiet and wait for a ‘friend’ to start a conversation with me – I won’t start a conversation especially with someone I just met.

I am someone who doesn’t like to say the same thing twice. I don’t like to push or convince people into something they wouldn’t want to do – that’s why I’m not going to be a good insurance agent.

I am someone who would rather follow than lead.

I am someone who likes to stay home – that’s relaxation for me. Seriously, what is so relaxing in going on a vacation with a bunch of people from the office, every one of them has an ongoing relationship with alcohol and cigarettes?

I am someone who loves dogs – surprisingly, when I was a kid, I used to be so afraid of them, even puppies. Back then, I always thought they were going to bite me.

I am someone who doesn’t like, despise, hate alcoholic drinks. I don’t see the point of forcing me to organize a reunion for my high school friends and celebrating it drunk. That’s why I gave up; they can just organize it themselves. They’re the ones who wanted the reunion anyway, not me.

I am someone who would rather be a housewife or be self employed or work from home.

Please do not force me into doing something my mind is not set out to do. I can be a great procrastinator – it takes time for me to convince myself.

I am someone who loves Japanese and Korean food.

I am someone who likes to cook.

I am someone who likes to go grocery shopping with my husband.

I am someone who hates rowdy kids, especially in public places. I hate the parents even more for not being able to control their own kid.

I am someone with this kind of mentality – you don’t like me, then I don’t like you too. I am not the type to force myself to someone and be plastic; you simply don’t exist for me if that’s the case.

I am someone who still doesn’t know what I’m supposed to do in this world. What is my calling, really?

I am someone who gets traumatized, easily.

I am someone who loves to sing.

I am someone who loves to go on movie dates with my husband.

I am someone who likes and dislikes rain. I like rain when I’m at home, relaxing. I hate rain when I have to go somewhere and it’s pouring down like crazy.

I am someone who takes a loooooooooong time to forgive, forget? Not so much in that area. I don’t live by the rules forgive and forget, sorry.

I am someone who hates attention seekers – don’t we all?

I can’t seem to think of anything more – the bed is calling me again.

Will there be a continuation? We’ll see…


This was taken from my other blog about Dezaato-Pan, a japanese cafe and dessert shop. I wrote this a few months ago.

For some reason I was too lazy to upload the pictures. But now, here it is. Okay, first off, as soon as we entered the store, a shelf full of bread caught my attention. I’m not a bread lover but I was tempted to try some. I had to remind myself that I was there to buy a dessert.

I looked up at the menu and then quickly down to the shelf where the cakes were displayed. I guess it’s more of a visual appeal to the customers; with the cakes artistically designed to call anyone’s attention. It’s like you’d hesitate to slice the cake; you know it’s food and it’s meant to be eaten but to do so you have to ruin it.

For the second time I looked at the menu board and noticed they are also serving gelato. But I remain loyal to my mission, to buy a cake. Since this is my first time to try their cakes, I decided to buy just a slice to go, but then, it will ruin the cake’s appearance so I opted to buy the FAERIES (the single serve cakes in a plastic glass). Chocolate is not my fave when it comes to cakes but I bought the Triple Chocolate Mousse (P100, it’s around $2 to $3) because I simply thought it was cute!

(I had to take this pic inside the car, I was afraid everything would just melt by the time we get home)

Now, who would want to eat/destroy this beautifully arranged cake in a glass? As you can see, white chocolate was used as a design; I just got tricked with what I thought was white chocolate ball. It was actually a hollowed out, half a ball of white chocolate and underneath or inside it was a drop of cream! And then, there’s half a cherry beside it and the plain chocolate was added (the one where you can read the Dezaato Pan).

(What do you know? It’s still intact after we got home!)

Over all taste, my verdict: Surprisingly, it’s not too sweet compared to other chocolate mousse I’ve tried! First layer is the chocolate ganache, followed by a layer of chocolate sponge cake, then white chocolate mousse and lastly, the chocolate mousse on the bottom. A spoonful of the whole cake itself is not too overwhelming. It melts in your mouth smoothly and like I said, it wasn’t so sweet that you’ll be eager to have a bite one after another.

It’s not all the time that anyone gets to eat a cake from a plastic glass like this one; it’s a visual treat already to see something so cute like this, what more if you get to taste it?


They never get tired, do they? How many times have they predicted a certain date that the world will end and failed, miserably?


The latest one was the May 21, 2011 end of the world which was predicted by Harold Camping, another false prophet. I bet everyone already knows this guy – an 89 year old who has already predicted the end of the world in 1994 and failed, saying that he made a ‘mathematical’ error. This year, it was different; he and his followers spent more than a $100 million to spread their false teachings around the world – across America, middle eastern countries and south east Asia as well.

I first saw their advertisement on the back of a bus along a national high way and then on billboards. I told myself, who would spend money on such things like this? I for one did not pay attention to this hoax. I didn’t even know who Harold Camping was until this morning when it was on the news. Here is the reason why I say Harold Camping is a false prophet and there is no reason to believe his claims or anyone out there who will try to predict ‘another’ end of the world: “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father..” (Matthew 24:36)

That’s what the bible says about the end of the world. NO ONE KNOWS! Get that in your head, people! No one will ever know except God the Father.

Since we are on the subject about the epic failure of people trying to predict when the world will end, I’ll be including ten of it here.

The Prophet Hen of Leeds, 1806 – seriously, they say the message was written on the eggs laid by this certain hen in Leeds, an English town. Another HOAX!

The Millerites, April 23, 1843 – Founded by a New England farmer, William Miller – a self proclaimed bible genius, who along with thousands of his followers (known as the Millerites) decided that the end of the world was on April 23, 1843. The world did not end but their cult did, some of them forming what we know now as the Seventh Day Adventist.

 Mormon Armageddon, 1891 or earlier – We got another one here in the name of Joseph Smith who claimed he actually talked to God and that God told him when the end will come. Yeah, right!

 Halley’s Comet, 1910 – Now why didn’t the scientists back then inform the people earlier? People had to be informed late that the deadly cyanogens gas on the comet’s tail is not harmful. Thus the panic when people realized during that time when the Earth passed through the comet’s tail.

 Pat Robertson, 1982 – Now this actually surprised me. I watched this guy during early Sunday mornings, preaching. I never would have thought he’d be predicting the end of the world too.

 Heaven’s Gate, 1997 – This is the most morbid for me. Heaven’s Gate is a cult with 39 UFO believing members who committed suicide on March 26, 1997 just because of a rumor about an alien spacecraft following the Hale-Bopp comet. The cult thought the world would end, thus the mass suicide. So wrong, that was just so wrong!

 Nostradamus, August 1999 – as a kid I remember a documentary being shown in one of the local networks here. That was in the 80’s. This guy has predicted a lot of things that came true, at least that’s what I heard back then. I guess predictions are still predictions – you can always make a mistake at one time or another.

 Y2K, January 1, 2001 – Now about this, my college classmate bugged me about this all the time. She tried explaining but my skeptic brain refused to believe. I understood little about computers that time and paid little attention to poorly explained Y2K bug. Basically, I didn’t care while the whole world panicked.

 May 5, 2000 – Someone is at it again. Richard Noone published a book “5/5/2000 Ice: The Ultimate Disaster”. Contrary to what’s happening now, Noone believed that by May 5, 2000 the Antarctic ice mass would be three miles thick and kill everything in the planet. Apparently, he wasn’t able to predict global warming.

 God’s Church Ministry, Fall 2008 – And yet again we have another false prophet, (they just keep on appearing). Ronald Weinland predicted a typical end of the world, people will die, blah blah blah…and that the United States will no longer exist as an independent nation. He was wrong.

Apparently, a lot of people seem to have missed Matthew 24:36 in the bible, or it seems to me that they do have a bible, only the page where the passage about when the world will end was missing.

People, I’ll say this again, NO ONE KNOWS when the world will end, except God  the Father.

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father…” (Matthew 24:36)


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