My baby boy is now 6 months old, in the span of six months my husband and I have had a heck of an adventure and misadventures taking care of our little bundle of joy, and we’re still on that endless adventure as parents.

          Let me begin by telling what kind of adventure I had the moment I found out I was pregnant, February 14 last year. I promise, I’ll make it short.

          We were pretty excited when we found out, just like any other couple who had been waiting for a long time. They say to keep a pregnant woman happy, you got to give her what she wants, especially what food she craves. During my first trimester, I was a happy, pregnant woman – except for the morning sickness part (in my case, it was afternoon sickness) I always get what I food I craved, burger, spaghetti and my favorite, chopsuey and rice.

          But during the second and third trimester, I was diagnosed with GDM (gestational diabetes mellitus), coupled with MVP (mitral valve prolapse) and hyperthyroidism, which I’ve had years ago, it never really went away. My obstetrician was quite concerned with my MVP and hyperthyroidism, fortunately, these two did not become the major issue with my pregnancy.  GDM, however, got the best of me.

          I just couldn’t eat the things I craved. I’m a big rice eater and the nutritionist cut down my rice consumption to just one cup a meal – heck, everything had to be measured before I can eat. I’m not allowed to eat ice cream, eating fruits had to be limited to certain amounts to control my blood sugar levels; and my endocrinologist wanted me to gain weight, which seemed impossible because everything I eat had to be limited.  Add to that the fact that I had to check my blood sugar levels 2 hours after each meal, you know, prick your finger and pray that the glucometer works with you and gives out a result of 120mg/dl or less, of blood sugar as a result. Hmmm, cutting back on every food I can eat and they still expect me to gain weight…that did not happen at all. In fact, I even lost two kilos when I was at my 34th to 35th week. That’s why I stopped seeing my endocrinologist, she kept on bugging me on how I should be gaining weight, requesting different blood works that required me to go back to her clinic every other week. Why can’t she just give me one whole list of complete laboratory exams so I can just head to the lab, get my blood extracted then go back to her clinic?

          I gave birth October 2012, by emergency CS – not really my choice. My water broke when I was just 5cm dilated, amniotic fluid was not clear (indication of meconium), labor wasn’t progressing well. All of these had nothing to do with my GDM,   although I am thankful my obstetrician made the choice that saved my baby’s life. It  turns out the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around his neck. It wound up tighter when my water broke. Still, my baby boy was healthy, all 6.6lb of cuteness.

          And so the adventure continues…next up, ‘The Search for the Perfect Feeding Bottle.”