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Valentine's day dessert, anyone? Or would you prefer it with chocolate dip instead?

…well, maybe not exactly just cream, we added more ingredients into it.

Before the new year, my mother in law gave us fresh strawberries.  I would have eaten it just like that but my husband suggested something else. He wanted to make a dip – in our case it was a ‘sauce’ for the strawberries.

To prepare, we washed the strawberries and cut the big ones in half; or you can just leave it as it is. Take note that this is about 1 to 2 cups of strawberries. For the dip, we mixed about ¼ cup of condensed milk, ¼ cup of cream and some grated cheese. And voila! It’s the perfect dip for the fresh strawberries – just the perfect combination of sweetness and creaminess of the condensed milk and cream, add to that the hint of saltiness coming from the cheese and a bit of tartness from the strawberry. Now you have a quick, easy to do ‘dessert’. The measurements we used can be adjusted to your taste, if you have a sweet tooth then go ahead and add more condensed milk. Just don’t forget to chill in the fridge for a few minutes before eating.



Shot taken in front of our house, advance happy valentine's day, everyone!

Twelve more days and it’s Valentine’s again – it’s valentine’s, not valentime’s. I know some people who still say it with an M even though they’ve been corrected so many times.  Well, enough of that. Valentine’s has passed by for thirty times already (in my life, that is) and this will be the thirty first. How has it differed anyway? Hmm, to begin with, Valentine’s is much more sensationalized now. I remember there was a time when all that was required was a card, a bouquet of flowers (three roses if you’re on a tight budget), a special chocolate or all of it.

More than ten years ago, I used to watch other college students proudly walking around with a bouquet of red roses all around campus; of course that was given by their boyfriends. Then there were ones who walk high and mighty holding a bouquet of roses and a big, pink teddy bear.  That was a time when I imagined myself holding a much bigger bouquet of roses – I’m not complaining though. Having a boyfriend was the last of my priorities back then.  So instead of roses, bouquets and chocolates, I got cards, some were hand made by my closest friends in college and the day would go on like normal.

The card I gave to my husband last year

I did get my fair share of bouquets too, from my husband (who was my boyfriend around five years ago) as well as chocolates and dinner for two. Last year, being newly weds, I got him a simple card (who would have ever thought that by just simply buying that card would win us a trip for two to Boracay for three days and two nights, all expenses paid?) I’m planning on buying a card again, and maybe bake a cake or prepare a special dinner…

Inside the card - who knew we'll win an all expense paid, 3 day, 2 night trip to Boracay when I bought this card?

My idea of a valentine is not to spend so much just to celebrate the occasion. I don’t care if I receive just a card, I don’t mind if there are no flowers or chocolates or dinner at a posh restaurant. For me, the important thing is the person you love is with you, simple as that.

As for some people (guys mostly), the day wouldn’t be a valentine’s day if they don’t shower the girl they love EXPENSIVE gifts. We appreciate the thought, the effort, and the $ spent, but it’s being with the ones we love that really counts, right girls?  But if you can choose, what would you prefer, flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, or a dinner for two? 🙂

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