Double fried chicken? It’s yummy on its own but if you add a sweet sauce to it, it’s even yummier. Not to mention that the chicken does not lose its crispiness even if it is smothered in that thick, brown sauce.

Alright, I admit. This picture was taken almost a year ago when I made this in my mother in law’s house. First off, this is my first time deep frying a chicken twice.  And I was actually thinking that if the crispy chicken was smothered in the sweet sauce, it would lose its crispiness, I was so wrong!

This recipe is really very easy to follow, you can even use other chicken parts, if you’d like, but I chose to cook wings because it’s small and has less cooking time. As for the sweet sauce, I decided to remove the ginger pieces before I added the double fried chicken – I can tolerate the taste of ginger but I just didn’t want any chunks of it in the sauce.  In Maangchi’s recipe, she added peanuts and chili flakes, I omitted that part. One mistake I did, I forgot the sesame seeds 😦

This dish kind of reminds me of Bonchon Chicken, but it still has its own unique ‘Maangchi’ taste to it and since it’s homemade, you can be sure of the ingredients that are used. Make sure to serve with Kimchi or any other Korean side dish, but don’t forget the rice 🙂

This is the not so artistic side of me taking the picture and because I was eager to taste it, I just took the photo as soon as I got the wings out of the wok. I promise to take a better picture next time 🙂


Watch Maanchi’s video here: